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[New!]Hampshire Brand Marinated Products  View our product brochure for our new marinated steak and chicken products!

 Provisions  The most recognized brands for all our regions are delivered daily.  We buy direct from packers and there are many levels of programs available.

 Poultry  As the name implies, poultry is the foundation of our company.  We are one of the largest providers of poultry in New England.  We have unlimited resources available and the most competitive prices.  Our purveyors are the best names in the business.  We even supply Murray's Chickens organic product - rated #1 by many individual taste tests.

 Beef  We carry premium grades of beef from the most respected, branded programs.  We are proud to be carriers of IBP, Excel and more.  Many cuts and processed meats available.

 Pork  Our resources for pork products include recognized domestic programs and also programs from our northern neighbor.  Poultry Products Northeast is one of the largest importers of Canadian pork.  All natural pork is one of our specialties.

 Lamb and Veal  One of the newer additions to our list of products is lamb and veal.  We already had resources which made this a natural extension of our business.  Since we have the ability to buy direct, our product is delivered fresh.  It also allows us to be more competitive.

 Seafood  The proximity of all our locations to the coast gives us an advantage in obtaining the freshest seafood available.  Whether it's caught off our shores or just delivered from overseas, we ensure that it is all as fresh as can be.  We specialize in shrimp which, when necessary, is flash frozen to maintain freshness.





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